London & the South Regional Winners

Digital Business

Bridget Harris,
Youcanbookme Ltd.

Bridget is CEO & co-founder of web scheduling tool, YouCanBookMe, having built up business since 2010 with co-founder Keith Harris. Bridget previously spent more than a decade working in Parliament and Local Government as a political and leadership specialist.

NFP & Social Enterprise

CJ Bowry,
Sal’s Shoes

CJ is the founder of Sal’s Shoes. 3.5 years ago she was unable to find an organisation that could tell her where her son Sal's outgrown shoes would end up walking again if they were donated; so she set up Sal's Shoes finding new feet for children's pre-loved shoes.

STEM Rising Star 

Ilaria Ambrogio,
Procter & Gamble

Through her Ph.D (Pharmaceutical Science) Ilaria discovered her love of Organic Chemistry to “think like a molecule” realising that science is a collective dream. Starting at Proctor & Gamble in 2008, that dream continued by collaborating with colleagues worldwide. Now a Principle Scientist, Ilaria is recognised for her technical mastery & innovation deliverables.

STEM Leader

Anna Keeling,
GKN Aerospace

Anna is the Senior Vice President Commercial for GKN Aerospace, the world’s leading multi-technology aerospace supplier designs and manufactures innovative systems/components across 55 manufacturing locations, in 14 countries. Anna has 18 years’ experience in the global aerospace industry.

Inspiring Leader 

Diana Choyleva,
Enodo Economics

Diana is Chief Economist at Enodo Economics, an independent macroeconomic consultancy focused on China which she set up in 2016. For 16 years prior, Diana worked at Lombard Street Research, most recently as Chief Economist and Head of Research, leading the economist and strategist team while conducting her own global analysis.

Rising Star 

Fatima Vayani,
Kings College London Student’s Union

Fatima has worked in furthering gender equality and recognition of minorities in STEM, alongside her doctoral research in computational biology, at King's College London. She's currently the president of KCL Women in STEM Society at King's College London Students Union.

Corporate Leader 

Deborah O’Neill,
Oliver Wyman

Within Oliver Wyman, Deborah has supported some of the world’s biggest financial institutions to make sense of terabytes of business data, unearth the hidden knowledge it contains, and reinvent corporate decision making. She is also engaged in mentoring the next generation of tech experts and supporting the female talent pipeline.


Christina Lawford-Potter,
DiamondAir Internal Ltd.

Christina is the CEO of Diamond Air International. She built her business from scratch at the age of 18, and also pioneered a market sector; 'Airport Concierge'. They now provide services in 500+ airports. She's on the Board of 'Women in Travel' & founding/shareholder of 'Whitecar'. She's also passionate about her charity work for the homeless.

Young Entrepreneur

Julianne Ponan,
Creative Nature

Julianne is the Owner and CEO of Creative Nature, a mentor for Virgin Startups and a motivational speaker. She took over Creative Nature in 2012, aged 22, when it was in over £56,000 losses and has since launched her products into ASDA, Ocado, Sainsbury's, Co-op, TK Maxx and overseas.


Pip Murray,
Pip & Nut

Pip is the founder of Pip & Nut, a natural nut butter brand. Since it launched in 2015, Pip & Nut has gone from strength to strength with listings in more than 3300 stores, ranging from Sainsbury’s to Selfridges, and sales expected to exceed £6m in 2017.

SME Emerging 

Caroline Sparks,
Turtle Tots Ltd.

Caroline and Gabrielle Lixton launched Turtle Tots in 2011. Turtle Tots in a unique swimming programme that begins with aqua-natal yoga and continues with specialist baby and toddler classes. Turtle Tots sells licenses in the UK and internationally.

SME Growth 

Sarah Brown,
Pai Skincare

Sarah launched Pai Skincare in 2007 from her garage in West London with nothing but personal savings, as a solution to her own sensitive skin. The brand has grown into an award-winning business exporting to over 50 countries. Sarah is a supporter of the organic beauty industry and British manufacturing.