Sponsorship as a Marketing Tool

There are clear benefits to winning a Women in Business Award but what about the benefits of sponsoring them? At a time when it’s very difficult to get your message heard via the traditional marketing channels, sponsorship presents unique opportunities to reach new audiences and find new ways to communicate.

By attaching your organisation to something with a credible and ‘worthy’ agenda it aligns your brand with its values, creating a perception that is very hard to achieve by simply stating that this is what you stand for – actions speak louder than words!

The Forward Ladies Women in Business Awards is all about celebrating the success and the impact of the two regions’ most inspiring professional women. By recognising their contribution we are not only giving them a platform, we are providing other women something to aspire to. Supporting women in business is a really hot topic at the moment with talk of quotas for getting women onto boards and increasing engagement with women at government level. It is therefore clearer to us than ever that the work we do through the WiBA and our activities in general is really important and very much needed.

Sponsors of the awards share in this because they are demonstrating that this is something that they care about too.

Why do companies sponsor the WiBA?

Having run for 6 years the feedback from previous sponsors is that supporting the Awards represents a clear strategic fit with their values. It also fits a number of objectives; it’s part of their Corporate Social Responsibility agenda; it allows them to reach new audiences; it gives them credible PR opportunities beyond the limitations of internal company ‘news’; it gives them an edge over their competitors; and it feels ‘right’.

So, what do you get as a sponsor of WiBA?

You can find a list of the functional aspects of what you get for each package on our Sponsorship page but the benefits go beyond tickets to the event and your logo on the brochure. Yes you can network on the day and yes you can be involved in the judging process and yes you’ll get exposure through the media coverage and marketing of the event but it’s more than that. Exposure is great but exposure in line with something that is so widely regarded as being important is invaluable.

Opportunities for all budgets

We have a number of packages to suit all budges, making sponsorship something that is accessible for most businesses.

The following quotes have been provided by previous sponsors, both of whom are set to support WiBA again this year:

“East Coast has been delighted to sponsor Forward Ladies’ Women in Business Awards for the past two years. This has given us the opportunity to engage with many successful and influential professional women across the UK. We have had excellent value from working with Forward Ladies by being given a wide range of opportunities to not only update its members about our product and service improvements, but also from myself and a few colleagues actually signing up to and joining the organisation – we’ve not only sponsored Forward Ladies but become Forward Ladies ourselves.” - Karen Boswell MD, East Coast

“Every woman at the Forward Ladies Women in Business awards has an amazing story to tell.  The Awards give us all the opportunity to recognise and applaud their achievements. We’ve been a part of the celebrations since the beginning and use the chance to celebrate some of the women who work with us.  They have an amazing day and never fail to be moved by the incredible stories of the finalists.

Anyone in business these days faces challenges.  Many of the women who enter have had to jump across many hurdles to get to where they are today.  This is their day to shine and inspire.” - Ann McCracken Communications Manager, O2

For more information about getting involved as a sponsor of WiBA contact Griselda Togobo on 0845 64 34 940 or enquiries@forwardladies.com


2014 attendees feedback/satisfaction from awards attendees

“Many, many thanks for your wonderful event today. I met some very inspiring people and also won a raffle prize! Wonderful event!”
- Attendee - Sundy

“I just wanted to congratulate you, Linda and all your team on organizing and delivering a fantastic and thoroughly professional Women in Business Awards Ceremony. I was particularly impressed with your speech and , although I had to leave early, I understand Etta also delivered a rousing call to action! There was a great half page article in Saturday's Yorkshire Post. We, at WGN are proud to be associate with you and Forward Ladies.
- Sponsor Colin Glass – Partner WGN

“We were really pleased to sponsor the tables. We would like to sponsor the tables again for the 2015 awards.
- Rachel Spencer Rob – LCF Law”

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for shortlisting me for the final this year. It was a real honour to be amongst a room of fabulous women in my category. I thought that the afternoon was really wonderful and a great celebration of many women’s achievements.”
- Sarah - Sarah Caswell
Wonderful and inspiring people. Really encouraged me to carry on with my plans and not to be afraid.
– Louise – Greyhound box - Advertiser

"By way of a follow up from the Awards on Friday – well done! Your speech was very motivational and the whole day was great. It is such a popular event and it is lovely seeing old friends and making new ones.
– Rachel Spencer Robb LCF Law - Sponsor

"Just to say thanks for the WiBA, we at WGN thoroughly enjoyed the day and so did our guests. Amanda Child"
– WGN - Sponsor

"Willis Ltd and our guests really enjoyed WIBA 2014 on Friday 28th November 2014, so much so that our Regional Director Liz Lister would like to know how we can get involved more."
- Lorna Feeney – Willis - Attendees

For more information about getting involved as a sponsor of WiBA contact Griselda Togobo on 0845 64 34 940