Corporate Membership

Corporate membership provides an outward facing culture, which allows women to engage with others from a diverse range of business backgrounds, broker connections and to facilitate business development and build peer to peer networks.

Premium Membership

Premium membership is ideal for professional women looking to connect and build a network online through our members forum, monthly online masterclasses to help develop skills and meet offline at our regional business clubs and events.

Free Membership

Free membership provides a fortnightly newsletter,  notification on all up and coming events and courses, along with the opportunity to join an ever growing community of forward thinking business women.

STEM Leadership Programme

Our Stem leadership programme is all about connecting and developing high calibre ambitious professional women to make their mark in traditionally male-dominated fields.  We aim to act as a catalyst for participants to identify themselves not only as leaders, but also to develop leadership skills that can help them navigate the challenges of their sector.

In Partnership with Yorkshire Water.


At a time when it’s very difficult to get your message heard via traditional marketing channels, sponsorship presents unique opportunities to reach new audiences and find new ways to communicate.  By attaching your organisation to something with a current and credible agenda, it aligns your brand with its values, creating a perception that is very hard to achieve by simply stating that this is what you stand for – actions speak louder than words! If you would like to find out more about sponsorships or our award events, please contact