Here are some answers to your questions about the awards.

1. What is the dress code for the awards?

Please dress to impress but its a day time event so very smart business.

2. How do I buy tickets for the awards?

Tickets for each award are available on or on our eventbrite page. We can also raise an invoice if you are buying more than 5 tickets. Simply call the office +44(0)845 64 34 940 or email with your request.

3. How can I enter the awards?

You'll need to complete and submit the online application form here

4.  Are nominations only for members of Forward Ladies?

Nominations are open to all. As we have a free membership offering, you just need to register as a free member and then complete your application at

5. Our business is owned by 2 or more directors. Can we put in a joint application?

Yes we do accept joint applications and have had joint applicants win in the past.

6. Our business has offices in many regions. Which region should we put an application in for?

Please put in the application in the region the business operates the most in. This will help you make the most of local PR in the event you are shortlisted.

7. I've been nominated for an award but I'm also considering being a sponsor, how will this affect the sponsorship or nomination? Will it be appropriate to do both?

Sponsorship has no impact on judging as the judges are an independent hand-pick panel and are not privy to any sponsorship information.
We did this to ensure total impartiality of the judging process and ask judges to disclose any links with any organisations so we make sure that they don't judge people or businesses they are affiliated with. So technically you can put yourself forward and sponsor at the same time.

8. I'm considering entering the awards but I don't think I'll stand a chance since its now national.

This year awards includes 4 regional award heats where we will still identify finalists and winners for each region. So you stand a chance of winning in your region. For the national grande finale, we've simply added an extra layer which is a interview process for all regional winners so we can identify and recognise national winners. And the national win will just be an extra icing on the cake and you never know - it might just be you.

9. What are the award categories?

You can select up to 3 entry categories in your application. The judging panel may move you into another category if they feel it is more appropriate.

The categories are self explanatory

The SME categories recognise female entrepreneurs who are founders of their own small and medium sized enterprises. We'll have an overall winner in this category but also recognise one other business that shows exceptional potential.

The OUTSTANDING BUSINESS WOMAN Of the year will be chosen from winners of all the categories.