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Guide To Professional Networking: 10-Step Checklist

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We are delighted to present you our Networking Guide that will help you to overcome your fears and network like a pro. “You need to meet people before you need them!”  If you’re a busy professional, networking is the fastest and most effective way to build your business or career. Up to 80 per cent of…

Success Stories: An Interview with Harriet Kelsall of HK Jewellery

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Harriet Kelsall started her bespoke jewellery business from humble beginnings – her kitchen table. Fast forward 18 years and she’s taken the jewellery design world by storm. With a wonderful team of over 30 people (including talented graduate designers and master goldsmith) she’s racked up an incredible 20 national and international awards. It’s not hard…

Meet the Woman Who is Breaking Down Barriers for Women in Tech

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Jacqueline de Rojas has spent over 25 years in the tech industry. She’s just taken the reins at the UK’s largest tech company Sage, after being with the software giant Citrix for many years. She’s also the president of techUK, an organisation committed to helping the UK tech industry flourish. As the winner of our…

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