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The brand new Forward Ladies is dedicated to the training and development of women in business. Much more than just networking.

Much more than networking

We run local events and conferences throughout the UK. We have our signature International Women Day events which have attracted world class speakers like Cherie Blair, Germaine Greer and others.

Developing your skills

We work closely with a number of bluechip companies to develop their female staff and also help them engage better with their female customers.

Take home an award

The Forward Ladies’ Women in Business Awards recognise the achievements of professional business women in the North West of England, the Isle of Man and Yorkshire and the North East.

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FREE Webinar: A Masterclass in Networking by Bestselling Author Heather Townsend

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If you’re a busy professional, networking is the fastest and most effective way to build your business or career. Up to 80 per cent of opportunities come from people who already know you, so the more people you know, the more chance you have of winning the new business or career you want. Networking is…


Courage, happiness and your success at work with Suzy Greaves Editor of Psychologies Magazine

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Yesterday’s inspirational speaker lunch has really sparked a bit of self reflection for us here at Forward Ladies. Suzy Greaves, business owner and editor of Psychologies Magazine shared the 5 Cs to happiness. Courage was the first C she shared and one of the ways to achieving true happiness in life. Courage may mean different…

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Meet The Team: April Chamberlain – Relationships Director

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Mum to 2 lovely girls, Anna (13) and Freya (10), married to Nick. Have two pesky cats that are always getting into scrapes and a goldfish who just sulks under his/her plastic bridge. Live in Gilstead, Bingley. I went to school in Bingley (Bingley Grammar, where I’m now a Foundation Trustee) and then studied Modern…

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