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A Unique Opportunity From HSBC: Exhibit To Promote Your Business

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Small Business Pop Up Week 19th June 2017 – 23rd June 2017 Our partner HSBC is hosting Small Business Pop Up Week nationally in 50 locations. HSBC would like to invite you to come along and promote your brand in one of their locations. It’s a great opportunity for you to showcase your business to…


Woman’s Perspective To Corporate Gender Networks

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A few of the events I’ve attended have alluded to replacing women’s networks with gender networks, which will see a bringing together of all minorities groups. The premise for this move seems to be that all diverse groups face a similar challenge and a one prong approach can be used to resolve all diversity issues….

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Top 10 Tips: Negotiating In A Business To Business Environment

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Here they are – Griselda’s  Top 10 Tips For Negotiating In A Business To Business Environment. Many female entrepreneurs and professionals have shared their experiences and strategies when negotiating in a traditionally masculine environment (Business to Business), where expectations can be vague and challenging. Opportunities for men and women need to be equalised and yet…

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